Photos vs 360 Degrees Photos

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What are the benefits of a picture in 360 degrees?  That question could be answered with another question, what is the benefit of a black and white photo vs a color one.

Although each photo can have its unique advantage for certain things, it’s true to say that a clear evolution of how we take and view photos is at hand.

Like the say goes… A picture is worth a thousand words.  Then a 360 degree picture is worth a whole lot more!

Media has also changed.  What once was the radio, it is not TV, and what once was the TV it is no the smart phone!

Not keeping up with technology can actually impact your business bottom line.  If you are still a realtor trying to sell houses using a regular color camera instead of a camera that takes photos in 360 degrees you are going be falling behind against those that do use them!

360 degree media is here to stay!

Videos and pictures in 360 degrees (VR) are the start of a what many predict will be a huge market.  For realtors and businesses that offer videos and pictures in 360 degrees will be at the front of the pack.

Although many of the images are being seen on computers and mobile phones, VR headsets are becoming more popular!

Here are some advantages of using images and videos in 360 degrees.

1.  Access to a new marketing tool

Enter new marketing channels early!  Just like marketing on facebook has grown so will other technologies and companies.

70% of marketers who have used 360 videos and pictures say it has increased engagement for them.

By publishing videos and pictures in 360 degrees you open up to a whole new audience!

2.  A lot more possibilities for the viewer

A few years from now we will remember how the internet used to be in 2D!

Instead of taking a lot of pictures, you can take one picture in 360 degrees that will cover and show more!

At the moment, nothing can compete with videos and pictures in 360 degrees.

Potential uses for VR are:

  • Hotels can show their rooms to potential visitors
  • Restaurants can showcase their dining areas to their guests
  • Real Estate agents can show their properties better
  • Business owners can show their stores to a wider audience

3.  Consumer loyalty


Posting new properties and specially posting them using newer technology lets your customers know that you are active, successful and innovative.  They will want to work with you!  And always staying innovative will show that you will always be here…

The research shows that investing now in VR technology in 360 degrees will pay off 2 – 3 fold in the near future.

A research done by Greenlight VR    surveyed over 1300 adults who 71% said they will buy from people, companies and brands that use marketing in 360 degrees.


4.  It’s growing and fast

While traditional means of marketing like TV and Radio are declining digital forms of marketing like Virtual Reality Tours in 360 Degrees are increasing!  360 Degree media will be the next generation of consumer media!

“Greenlight VR has been researching consumer sentiment toward virtual reality since 2014, and this is our most conclusive study yet, tying together attitudes and intended action with branded experience exposure. If the recent success of Pokemon Go isn’t enough, this data provides concrete evidence to experience marketers who are currently designing for the new experience economy.”

– Clifton Dawson, Greenlight VR CEO


5.  Media marketing using media in 360 degrees

Digital Banners with 360 Degree technology have:

  • 3x Higher Conversion (CTR, view -> click)
  • 30% higher repeated view rate
  • 70–300% increase in user engagement

If you want to get a photo or a video done in 360 degrees send us a message.  We will guide you to either DIY or find a reputable 360 degree photographer.

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