100% Organic Lavender Sachets in blue organza bags ! Includes FREE Shipping!

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100% organic home grown lavender.  Family made sachets. Introduce the wonderful scent of fresh lavender to your home, office or car… Each of these sachets is handmade in Spain using organic lavender from our garden. This is the Highest Quality Lavender you will find!

Our Lavender Sachets are made by our kids and us… We don’t use any insecticide in our garden and our fertilizer is all natural. The Lavender grows right next to our fruits and vegetable garden.

Lavender Sachets are Great for:

Hang it on the rear view mirror of your car for a fresh lavender scent while you drive
Put a sachet in the drawers of your dressers to have your clothes smell like fresh lavender
Party favors for weddings, parties and events
Sell them out of your store
Put it on your nightstand for a deep and relaxing sleep


Q. My sachet is not smelling as much as when I first got it…
A. Give it a gentle squeeze to get back that fresh lavender scent again and again…

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